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About YMCA Specialist OSHC

The lack of reliable After School or Holiday Care support is preventing many parents from fully participating in the workforce or forcing them to take less skilled positions so that they can work during school hours only. Not only does this impact on families incomes, it impacts on the general well-being of the parents, child, and family through measures of social isolation, high costs, relationship strain or break down and negative social attitudes.
YMCA’s Specialist OSHC service is designed to provide a unique and vital opportunity to benefit both young people with a disability and their carers .

About YMCA Brisbane

QLD’s leading provider of childcare, fitness, camping, education, hospitality, youth, recreation, and community programs and services.

The services we provide at the YMCA help fund the benevolent arm of our organisation, Y-Care (South East Queensland) Inc. As the Social Impact activity of the YMCA, Y-Care exists to serve people in our community who are disadvantaged.  
We believe that everyone deserves a real opportunity, no matter their circumstance, and work with other charities, community groups, government and schools to provide appropriate and practical solutions to sadly common problems.
YMCA Social Impact’s nine programs each operate in different areas but share the common theme of assisting people overcome the challenges they face in body, mind and spirit. Through forming partnerships in the community, YMCA Social Impact is able to connect with the people who are really doing it tough and give them a hand up to the best person they can be.
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