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About Greek Australian Archive

The generation of Greeks that arrived in the 50s and 60s is fast disappearing. Their stories of adversity, strength, and progress to affluence are soon to be lost with them.

To respond to this critical and urgent need, UNSW Australia and the State Library of NSW will partner with the Greek community to create a rich archival collection specifically on the Greeks in Sydney. 

A first-of-its-kind, the Archive will ensure that we remember the pioneers of Australia’s Greek community. It will draw on the inspirational stories of Greek migrants, from humble factory workers to those who built large enterprises or reached the top of their professions.  These stories are important because your children and grandchildren should not take them for granted: they ought to know about the kinds of struggles and challenges your forebears faced and the contributions they made to our nation.

With your generous support, we will:

* Build a rich archive, curated by the State Library of NSW, that will house the documents of various Greek institutions, including associations, sporting clubs and regional fraternities, and materials that depict Greek Australian life such as photographs, films, letters and diaries.

* Create a signature feature of 200 oral histories from first generation migrants, personal interviews that will provide unique ‘insider’ information: the ideas, beliefs, feelings and motivations that informed the lives and actions of our forebears.

* Build an online interactive exhibition that will be visually appealing and easy to navigate, giving parents and schools a unique way of passing down the Greek heritage.

* Develop online courses in Greek-Australian History that students can take as part of any degree at UNSW. Stories will also be used to create works aimed at HSC English and Drama students.

* Enable the Archive to be accessible to any scholar, both locally and internationally, for future research and teaching.

To learn more about the Archive and how your families' history can be preserved, contact Associate Professor Nick Doumanis at

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