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About Tobacco Free Portfolios

Our Vision

Our vision is for a world free from tobacco. To achieve this, we must address financial investment in tobacco.

Our Mission

To inform, prioritise and advance tobacco-free finance by eliminating tobacco from investment portfolios across the globe.

The Challenge

Through pension schemes, Sovereign Wealth funds, banks and insurers, many are still unknowingly contributing to what the World Health Organisation has described as the ‘global tobacco epidemic’.

This means that people are unknowingly contributing to the world’s number one cause of preventable death.

Financial support of the tobacco industry stands in sharp contrast to global tobacco control initiatives, increased community awareness of the dangers of smoking and the on-going decline of tobacco smoking in developed countries.

You can make a difference by ensuring your finances are tobacco-free. You can write to your pension fund, bank or insurer and ask about their approach to tobacco.

About Tobacco Free Portfolios

Encouraging Tobacco-Free Finance

Thank-you for helping to bring an end to the tobacco epidemic

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