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About Shave it Off

The TLR Foundation is so proud we achieved our first goal and raised $300,000 to fund the Trace Richey Patient Room in the new state of the art Haematology and Bone Marrow Transplant ward in Sydney's St Vincent's Hospital. Thanks to some dedicated and fearless fundraisers and some seriously wonderful donors we are already making a difference to the lives of patients being treated for blood cancers and bone marrow disorders. But funding the room for the patients was only the start and we now have our eyes set on helping the nurses who care for them.

Our new goal is to raise $160,000 to establish the Trace Richey Nursing Scholarship and give back to the nurses who chose to work in this field. The scholarship will enable one nurse each year to study for a Master in Cancer & Haematology taught at the University of Sydney.

To continue our history of crazy fundraising activities, we will be organising a Head Shave "SHAVE IT OFF" on Sunday 7 April 2019, marking exactly 4 years since Trace took his last breath. For most people going through chemo, losing their hair isn't a choice, but for us it is.

Please join us or support this bunch of truly brave people willing to SHAVE IT OFF to help us raise some serious cash. 

About The TLR Foundation

Our mission is to give hope to patients with blood cancers and other diseases treatable with a stem cell or bone marrow transplant by giving everyone the best chance of a full recovery.
We do this by:

• Promoting stem cell & bone marrow donation across Australia. Through education & encouragement, our aim is to increase the number of young people registered on the Australian Bone Marrow Donor Registry (ABMDR), improving the chances of every patient finding the best possible match;

• Funding a state of the art room in the Haematology, Blood and Marrow Transplant ward in Sydney’s St. Vincent’s Hospital, a room specifically designed for those patients going through a stem cell or bone marrow transplant. 

• Providing scholarships and research opportunities to nurses wanting to specialise in Cancer & Haematology nursing;

• Funding research into the prevention, treatment and cure of Graft vs Host Disease, or GvHD, and helping those living with this terrible disease. This is a common complication of transplants where the donor immune cells (the graft) see the patient’s cells (the host) as foreign and attack them. Our aim is to also provide support to those living with GvHD by assisting people getting back into the work force.

Your support will help the TLR Foundation promote stem cell and bone marrow donation across Australia and increase the chance of someone finding the best possible match. It will also help those wonderful souls who choose to care for patients having to go through this most confronting of treatments by providing higher education opportunities they may not otherwise be able to pursue. 
Thank you so much, every dollar is deeply appreciated.
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