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Why I am supporting Channel 7 Telethon Trust

My Story

Strategen has been an active supporter of Telethon for many years. We work to remove environmental complexity to make growth and development happen. At Strategen we understand that many of our children also need some of their complexities removed, so they too can grow and develop. Being part of the 24hr fitness challenges is one way we can give back and assist those who need it. We loved being a part of the record breaking 24hr fitness challenge last year and our team is committed and energised for the 2018 HBF Fitness Challenge.

About my team: 24hrspinbikefortelethon

Matt Fuller, Soa Palelei and Josh Catalano are back again for the 24hr HBF Fitness Challenge for Telethon. After the success of the 24hr spin cycle last year, the team will be again joined by soloists including Maddy Andrijich and Gary Howarth. New soloists joining the team this year include Matt Campbell and Jono Cridland. We also have two duos in Paul Lincoln and Ian Morris and Anthony Sciano and Josh Legge. Corporate teams include Fuller Fitness, HBF, PKF, Strategen, Bike Bar, ARC, MacMahon and Bethanie Group. Spin cycle bikes are again being sold to the public to join in on the 24hr HBF Fitness challenge alongside soloists and teams. The 24 hr fitness challenges have raised in excess of $700,000 over the years for the kids of WA.

About Telethon Fundraising

The Channel 7 Telethon Trust is a charity that financially supports the medical and social welfare of children and young people and funds research into children's diseases. 
In 2017 there were over forty beneficiaries sharing in the $36.4m that was raised throughout the year by the people of Western Australia. 

About my cause: Channel 7 Telethon Trust

Telethon has been created by and belongs to the community of Western Australia who over five decades have generously donated more than $268 million to ensure a better life for our children now and in the future.
Generations of Western Australians have grown up with Telethon and through their generosity have had a major impact on some of the life threatening diseases that face our children including brain cancer and leukaemia.
Through Telethon, you have provided equipment for children in hospital, critical services for children with disabilities and life-changing opportunities for disadvantaged children. Your tax deductible donations to the Channel 7 Telethon Trust will ensure that together, we can continue to ensure that our children have the best quality services and support now and in the future.

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