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Flaktest Gaming 24 hour Twitch
Flaktest Gaming 24 hour Twitch
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Leona’s Headshave for Telethon
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About Telethon Fundraising

The Channel 7 Telethon Trust is a charity that financially supports the medical and social welfare of children and young people and funds research into children's diseases. 
The two major beneficiaries are Telethon Kids Institute and Princess Margaret Hospital for Children. However, in 2017 there are over forty other beneficiaries sharing in the $36.4m that was raised throughout the year by the people of Western Australia. 

About Channel 7 Telethon Trust

Telethon has been created by and belongs to the community of Western Australia who over five decades have generously donated more than $268 million to ensure a better life for our children now and in the future.
Generations of Western Australians have grown up with Telethon and through their generosity have had a major impact on some of the life threatening diseases that face our children including brain cancer and leukaemia.
Through Telethon, you have provided equipment for children in hospital, critical services for children with disabilities and life-changing opportunities for disadvantaged children. Your tax deductible donations to the Channel 7 Telethon Trust will ensure that together, we can continue to ensure that our children have the best quality services and support now and in the future.

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