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Molly and Steve Run Larapinta

Molly and Steve Run Larapinta 

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About Molly and Steve Run Larapinta

We’ve had a few Run events on the fridge door and we've finally decided to hit the track with Run Larapinta.

Molly, who never enjoyed running, decided that this was the year to up her game from the comfortable ‘every-now-and -then untrained half marathon’ to the 4 day, multi-stage, sleep in a tent, run in the heat of the day, run event. Then she signed me up - obviously I didn’t want to miss out. We will cover both the short and the long course between us, running 217 km (approximately) between us, from start line to finish feet up.

We'd love so much if you could donate and support us on this massive undertaking. Every dollar counts and is greatly appreciated. In fact, we believe so firmly in what we're doing, that we'll dollar match the first $250 donation. Let's make it count!

All fundraising goes to Starlight Children's Foundation, an organisation who's work in brightening the lives of sick kids and their families is something we passionately support. Supporting sick kids to have better moments, successes and fun is a way to create evidence of life being just that bit brighter through tough times. 

Thanks for your support!


~ $20 provides art and craft for a hospitalised child
~ $39 brightens the hospital experience for a child with Starlight's programs
~ $78 brightens the hospital experience for two children with Starlight's programs
~ $150 connects a teenager with providing much needed peer to peer support
~ $320 brightens the hospital experience for 8 children with Starlight's programs

About Starlight Children's Foundation

Starlight's mission is to brighten the lives of seriously ill and hospitalised children and young people by replacing pain, fear and stress with fun, joy and laughter.

Since its establishment in 1988, Starlight has expanded to become the broadest reaching and most trusted children’s charity in Australia. There is now a Starlight Express Room in every children’s hospital in the country and over 160 Captain Starlights nationwide. This year, Starlight will be refurbishing its Starlight Express Rooms in Newcastle and Canberra. 

Last year, Starlight granted 541 life-changing wishes and delivered over 575,000 positive Starlight experiences to seriously ill children, young people and their families.

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