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Spur Afrika General Donations 

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About Spur Afrika General Donations

Spur Afrika is a partnership between two teams, Kenya and Australia, aiming to support and transform the lives of children and young adults in the slum of Kibera, Kenya.

In Kenya, we have five full-time workers who are on the ground every day, working directly with young people in need. In Australia, we're made up of a team of 100% volunteers who are passionate about the Spur Afrika mission.

In 2020 we have a target to raise $158,000 to cover our day-to-day operating expenses in Kenya for the year. This covers our workers' salaries, program costs and other utilities / overheads. Contributions to this General Donation fund go directly towards this target!


If you're interested in getting more involved in helping us achieve our mission, we also encourage you to consider donating to these campaigns:

    -  Child Sponsorship Program 

    -  Spur Partnership Program

    -  Sponsor a Worker Program


Our Programs:

Child Sponsorship Program: 
Spur Afrika aims to do more than just pay children’s school fees; we also spend time with each child to teach them about life outside of school. The sponsored children are chosen through asking teachers, community workers and locals as to where the neediest children are.

Transitional Scholarships: 
Spur Afrika believes in investing in our sponsored children into adulthood, therefore we endeavour to transition them into different streams of tertiary education, e.g. university and apprenticeships. 

Mentorship Program: 
We believe in local mentorship and where possible we pair each sponsored child with a local mentor. The mentors spend time with their child and do activities such as going to the movies, the zoo, rollerblading, etc. The aim is for the mentors to develop a relationship with their child, which will foster personal development and positive role modelling.

Mobile Health Clinics: 
To improve the health of children in Kibera slums, Spur provides health services through free checkups (medical and dental). We also provide medication to children attending Spur partnered primary schools. We also run an Oral Hygiene Campaign, which educates the children on good oral hygiene and provide practical assistance through giving each child a toothbrush and toothpaste. We are hoping to reduce the incidence of dental decay. 

Champion Girls: 
This program aims to promote self awareness, confidence and holistic care among teenage girls. Therefore empowering girls to transition into confident and mature women.This program is held every fortnight and up to 100 girls attend. The girls look forward to covering topics about health, relationships and career.


Thank you for your support! (Asante sana!)

About Spur Afrika Australia

Spur Afrika aims to be a community that spurs individual potential for a sustainable future. We believe the key is to engage, empower and educate. Our main focus is on children and young adults living in the Kibera slums, who make up 80% of the population.

Our mission:

- Community. We are two teams (Kenya & Melbourne) working together to bring sustainable, positive impact to the poverty-stricken areas of the Kibera slums.

- Individual potential. We believe potential can be discovered and nurtured through intentional relationships. Our child sponsorship program, mentorship programs and transitional scholarships focus heavily on equipping individuals living in Kibera to reach their full potential.

- A sustainable future. A lasting impact which is both culturally sensitive and progresses towards growth of the community. Our main focus is on education, however knowing that education alone is not enough, we also provide authentic mentorship, health access and much more!

To find out more you can contact us at 

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