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Sponsor a Worker Program 

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About Sponsor a Worker Program

"Equipping locals to benefit locals."
Do you want to contribute directly to the heart and soul of Spur Afrika?

Sponsor one of our workers (Patoh, Sue, Niko, Maureen or Sylvia), for $50, $100 or other amount per month. Your sponsorship will allow us to create sustainable change in Kibera slums. 

As a sponsor, you'll receive progress reports from your sponsored worker about how they have been and the projects they have been involved with. Spur Afrika ensures that our workers are paid a wage so they can dedicate their time and energy into programs, events and mentorship. This wage allows them to take care of their family and live free from worries regarding food, rent and other basic necessities. It is through your sponsorship that our work can continue.


If you would like to sponsor one of our workers, please reach out to us at

About Spur Afrika Australia

Spur Afrika aims to be a community that spurs individual potential for a sustainable future. We believe the key is to engage, empower and educate. Our main focus is on children and young adults living in the Kibera slums, who make up 80% of the population.

Our mission:

- Community. We are two teams (Kenya & Melbourne) working together to bring sustainable, positive impact to the poverty-stricken areas of the Kibera slums.

- Individual potential. We believe potential can be discovered and nurtured through intentional relationships. Our child sponsorship program, mentorship programs and transitional scholarships focus heavily on equipping individuals living in Kibera to reach their full potential.

- A sustainable future. A lasting impact which is both culturally sensitive and progresses towards growth of the community. Our main focus is on education, however knowing that education alone is not enough, we also provide authentic mentorship, health access and much more!

To find out more you can contact us at 

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