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About MFC Round for Reach

“I feel like his legacy still lives on in Reach and I’m very grateful to have Jim in my life. Why not give it to as many people as we can? So we have to expand Reach as much as we can so everyone has a bit of Jim in them”- Max Gawn

Reach co-founder and legend of the game, the late Jim Stynes (#11), believed in the power of challenging young people to be the best version of themselves.

As supporters of Reach, we know you believe in that power and opportunity.

23 years and 750,000 young people later, Reach ambassador and Melbourne Football Club player Max Gawn not only wears Jim’s no.11 proudly, but is also just as strongly backing the future leaders of Australia.

Melbourne Football Club have played a central role in championing Reach and our impactful work with young people and have dedicated Round 2 MFC v Carlton to Reach.

We would love to see you at the game and we want this opportunity to be about more than football. We want to show the next generation that we care. For just $11 you can show that support.

For Jim, for Max Gawn, or for young people your donation of $11 will help Reach provide the platform our participants need to thrive. 

Each year 30,000 people aged 10-18 experience Reach through workshops that are 100% youth-led – designed and delivered by our crew. Your $11 donation will help us keep doing what we do best.

Thank you for your support of young people. 

About Reach


Being young is not without it's struggles. Today's world is pretty complex and young people can experience a bunch of challenges that adults might not be able to relate to. One of the biggest hurdles is just having the confidence and support to be who they want to be. 

There are currently over 4 million young people living in Australia, and Reach works with over 40,000 of them a year. We have over 250 of them working with us; designing and delivering workshops in schools and the community. Our workshops are 100% youth-led, from design to delivery, and the community we create out of these workshops is one that allows for deeper connection, a sense of belonging, and the dispelling of judgements. A preventative, instead if having a focus on symptoms in adult life.  


Generations of confident, self-aware and passionate young people shaping the world. 


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