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Palm Oil Investigations Incorporated

Approximately 10% of the world's rainforests are located in Indonesia. Fifty years ago, 82% of Indonesia was covered with forest but in the last decade, this has dropped to 48% due to rampant deforestation for paper and oil palm plantations and mining. Clearing forest for palm oil plantations is the leading cause of deforestation and pending extinction of critically endangered species.

Palm oil is contained in around 50% of products in Australian supermarkets and it is not mandatory to label palm oil in Australia.

Palm Oil Investigations Inc (POI) is a voluntary not for profit organisation founded 4 years ago in response to understanding the devastating impact that palm oil has on the lives of orangutans and their environment. Since that time we have become a powerful voice for consumers and have gained over 200,000 Facebook followers. We continue to educate people and brands about products containing palm oil and the impacts of its unregulated production. We are helping to change how brands think about palm oil, and to save the lives and habitats of critically endangered wildlife.  We have raised over $200k to assist the organisations on the ground who are rescuing and rehabilitating orangutans and their environment.

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