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Why I am supporting Palm Oil Investigations Incorporated

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I am taking part in Eat Palm Oil Free To Save A Tree to raise much needed funds for Palm Oil Investigations Incorporated. Their work is really important, and I want to do what I can to help. But there is only so much I can do on my own. You can help too, by donating to my page. Any amount you can give makes a difference! You can also support me by encouraging others to get involved, too. Please email the link to my page to your friends and family, or share it on social media. Thank you for your generosity and support -- it means a lot to me. Together we can help Palm Oil Investigations Incorporated create the world we want to see.

About Eat Palm Oil Free To Save A Tree

In June 2017, commit to eating palm oil free by not consuming any food products containing palm oil. Eat healthy and raise funds from your personal networks to support your pledge.  

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Ingredients to avoid

Unspecified vegetable oil, vegetable fats or missing % of specified oils (specifically margarine) 
Humectant glycerol
Humectant 422
Palm oil
Palm fat
Unspecified source of Emulsifier 471 (E471)
Unspecified source of Beta Carotene
Yeast with 491
Mono and di-glycerides of fatty acids
Mono glycerides of fatty acids

POI are not calling for a blanket boycott of palm oil. We are calling for a reduction in consumption for the month of June.
The Food industry is responsible for 72% uptake of palm oil produced. Personal Care and Cleaning products 18% (where it is near impossible to manufacture full product lines without palm derived ingredients). Biofuel 10%. Pressure needs to be placed on the food industry.

How the campaign works
• Click join us to set up your page. You can do so as an individual or start your own team (perfect for Schools, businesses or groups of friends).
• Enter your desired fundraising target
• Share your campaign page to social media with the hashtag #eatpalmoilfree
• Start gaining sponsors for you to eat palm oil free for the month of June 2017
• All individual and team pages will add to the POI target.
• Post photos of your palm oil free meals and snacks to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag and link to your campaign page.
Prizes awarded for the highest raised amounts.
Individual - 1 x POI $300 webstore voucher. One year orangutan adoption from The Orangutan Project.
Team page – 1 x POI $600 webstore voucher. One year orangutan adoption from The Orangutan Project.

Indonesia has the fastest rate of deforestation in the world. Clearing vital habitat for palm oil plantations, which critically endangered species rely on for survival. Palm oil is used in around 50% of products sold on supermarket shelves and consumers are unknowingly contributing to the problem. No forests = no orangutans, elephants, tigers, rhinos etc. Extinction is looming and time is running out. Action is needed now. 

• Create palm oil consumer awareness and trend the topic on social media
• Eat healthy. Palm oil is high in saturated fat content. It is rife in pre-packaged, snacks and junk food.
• Reduce the consumption of palm oil for one month en masse. 
• Force brands NOT using palm oil, to specify on pack the source of vegetable oils used in products. All products with unspecified vegetable oils are to be avoided during the campaign. If they have nothing to hide, then don’t hide it.

POI are donating 20% of profits raised to The Orangutan Project for forest restoration and protection. The remaining percentage will be reinvested back into POI activities and projects, such as further app development and other campaigns to regulate palm oil.
POI are a voluntary run not-for-profit organisation registered with the Department Of Consumer Affairs.

About my cause: Palm Oil Investigations Incorporated

Approximately 10% of the world's rainforests are located in Indonesia. Fifty years ago, 82% of Indonesia was covered with forest but in the last decade, this has dropped to 48% due to rampant deforestation for paper and oil palm plantations and mining. Clearing forest for palm oil plantations is the leading cause of deforestation and pending extinction of critically endangered species.

Palm oil is contained in around 50% of products in Australian supermarkets and it is not mandatory to label palm oil in Australia.

Palm Oil Investigations Inc (POI) is a voluntary not for profit organisation founded 4 years ago in response to understanding the devastating impact that palm oil has on the lives of orangutans and their environment. Since that time we have become a powerful voice for consumers and have gained over 200,000 Facebook followers. We continue to educate people and brands about products containing palm oil and the impacts of its unregulated production. We are helping to change how brands think about palm oil, and to save the lives and habitats of critically endangered wildlife.  We have raised over $200k to assist the organisations on the ground who are rescuing and rehabilitating orangutans and their environment.

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