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About The Wish Force

We’re calling on you to join Eitan’s Wish Force!
Children who experience serious illness often feel isolated – and for Eitan, his battle with leukaemia meant lots of time in hospital while other kids were making friends. Eitan wished to become a star, so he can make lots of friends and spread happiness around the globe. 
To make Eitan's wish come true, we organised a red carpet arrival and huge dance performance at Federation Square in Melbourne - and there's still his music video to come!

Donate today to help make life-changing wishes come true for children like Eitan. Click ‘Give Now’ and remember to leave your message of support.
Why is a wish so important?
Wishes are an essential complement to medical treatment, because while medicine treats the physical illness, Make-A-Wish brings hope and strength to really sick kids – ensuring they have the emotional resilience they need for their fight.
A wish isn’t one special day, or a nice-to-have experience. It’s a carefully planned, unique journey which delivers vital hope, strength and joy every step of the way.
Just looking forward to his wish had an enormous impact on Eitan. His dance teacher said: “Seeing Eitan go from serious, introverted and anxious into a shining star is why the work of Make-A-Wish is so important.”
Mum Anna shared: “He has a different kind of confidence now – you can see the glow in his eyes, his face, his mannerisms – it’s incredible.”
Why we need to grow our Wish Force
Make-A-Wish makes over 500 wishes come true each year thanks to our amazing Wish Force (everyone who helps make cherished wishes possible!) – but to reach every child with a life-threatening illness, we need to quadruple that to 2,000 wishes.
Our wish applications have increased 30% over the past year, so to make sure every seriously ill child can experience a transformational wish journey we need you to join the Wish Force!
How to be part of Eitan’s wish
Eitan’s music video will be released on 20 August, and we’ll need your help to share it online and spread his positivity far and wide to bring Eitan new friends from all over the world!
You can also send Eitan a message of support with your kind donation.

About Make-A-Wish

Your donation helps make the impossible, possible for kids battling a critical illness.

Each day, six families around Australia find out their child has a critical illness. Make-A-Wish is on a mission to bring a unique wish journey to every one of these kids and teens.

A wish is vital. We carefully design each one to build anticipation and resilience to help a child in the fight for their health. Wishes give kids fighting critical illness kids hope for the future, strength to face the challenges of their illness and joy from their incredible wish experience.

Make-A-Wish receives no ongoing government funding, without your support, wishes simply wouldn’t be able to come true. Donate and fundraise today.

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