Proudly supporting Make-A-Wish
Hills proudly supporting Make-A-Wish

Hills proudly supporting Make-A-Wish 

Supporting Make-A-Wish
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About Hills proudly supporting Make-A-Wish

Through our partnership with Make-A-Wish, the whole Hills team are working together to help make Daphne’s wish come true.
Daphne is a fun, vibrant, four-year-old girl with lots of energy. However unlike most young girls, Daphne is fighting a critical illness. What should be her playtime is often replaced with medical treatment and hospital visits, making basic childhood experiences like playing outside sometimes impossible.
Daphne has a very clear idea of what she’d like her wish to be; a special Cinderella cubby space sitting up high, specifically fitted out with a table and chairs for her to play at, a verandah where she can check the mail, and a naughty corner for her little brother!
By raising funds to make Daphne’s wish come true, we’re not just funding a cubby house – we’re giving Daphne the opportunity to escape from the realities of her illness, creating a space for her to enjoy being the gorgeous, vibrant little girl that she is.
Please help us grant the healing power of a wish to Daphne!

About Make-A-Wish

Your donation helps make the impossible, possible for kids battling a critical illness.

Each day, six families around Australia find out their child has a critical illness. Make-A-Wish is on a mission to bring a unique wish journey to every one of these kids and teens.

A wish is vital. We carefully design each one to build anticipation and resilience to help a child in the fight for their health. Wishes give kids fighting critical illness kids hope for the future, strength to face the challenges of their illness and joy from their incredible wish experience.

Make-A-Wish receives no ongoing government funding, without your support, wishes simply wouldn’t be able to come true. Donate and fundraise today.

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