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The Corporate Cycle Challenge 

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About The Corporate Cycle Challenge

Every day, on average, we take more than 22,000 breaths. For some people, just one breath is a challenge.

Lung disease does not discriminate.  It affects, men, women, children, smokers, ex-smokers and never-smokers.

• There are over 30 types of lung disease 

• 1 in 4 Australians has a lung disease

• 1 in 7 deaths is a result of lung disease 

Despite these shocking statistics, research into lung disease is significantly under-funded relative to other disease areas. 

Lung Foundation Australia is addressing this gap but we need your help.  

With thanks to the sponsorship from Novartis, all funds raised from the Lung Foundation Corporate Cycle Challenge will go directly towards lung disease research through our Lungs for Life Research Program.

You can help by supporting those willing to put themselves on the line in our Cycle Challenge by clicking here

                                            Together let’s blow lung disease away! 

About Lung Foundation Australia

For the last 25 years, we’ve supported all aspects of lung disease - from COPD to lung cancer to rarer lung diseases such as pulmonary fibrosis. Your generous donations ensure we can continue to:

• Promote lung health and early diagnosis of lung disease

• Support those with lung disease and their careers

• Advocate for equitable access to evidence-based care

• Drive world class research and

• Provide evidence-based clinical support and education. 

Lung Foundation Australia receives no ongoing government funding and it is a challenging task to raise the funds needed to support all of what we do. We therefore rely on your support and you can help us.

We all know someone afflicted with lung disease, let's help raise funds so we can support them as well as invest in research so that others don't suffer in the future.

Thank you for your kind support!

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