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Insulin For Life Global

We believe that no-one should die because they can’t afford or access a simple drug like insulin. We collect unwanted insulin and diabetes supplies and connect them with people across the world who need them most. Our mission is to save lives and help those with diabetes survive and thrive in their communities.

Diabetes is a global problem. Three-quarters of people with diabetes live in low and middle-income countries.

For this reason, Insulin for Life Global (IFL) contributes to the international efforts to try to improve the availability of insulin to the 50% of people in developing countries who cannot afford or access Insulin and diabetes supplies. Yet, around the world, people are discarding perfectly good, unexpired, unopened and unused insulin in immense quantities. There are several reasons for this; changing insulin brands, change of therapy and surplus insulin after gestational diabetes. IFL Global focuses its efforts on raising awareness to help solve these two problems: avoidable death and usable waste. A simple solution with life-changing results. IFL Global also fundraisers to support transport costs; the biggest barrier to keeping this operation going.

Insulin for Life country affiliates collect in-date and unneeded insulin and other diabetes supplies and ships them to developing countries. They are then distributed, free of charge to those who require them. Through Insulin for Life, these supplies that would have once gone to waste are instead used to save thousands of lives.

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