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Indigenous Marathon Foundation

The Indigenous Marathon Foundation (IMF) is a health promotion charity that uses running to celebrate Indigenous resilience and achievement, and create inspirational Indigenous role models.

The IMF umbrellas four core programs:

· The Indigenous Marathon Project (IMP)

· Indigenous Communities for Activity and Nutrition (I-CAN)

· FrontRunners

· Deadly Running Australia (DRA)

Running and physical activity underpin all IMF programs and we are committed to providing social, inclusive, and fun environments for people to adopt active and healthy lifestyles.

Through the IMP program, we now have 65 Indigenous Graduates who have completed an international marathon including New York, Boston and Tokyo. But that’s just the start for these incredible beacons of inspiration. They become our IMP Graduates - our FrontRunners - charged with the responsibility of continuing the ripple effect and becoming Indigenous leaders in their communities and around the country. Your fundraising efforts will support our Graduates forge successful careers, pathways and opportunities long after they have completed their marathon.

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