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About Salt2Snow

Paul Begg and Matt Holmes to tackle Australia’s lowest point to it’s highest, on two wheels to raise money for cancer treatment and research.
Both are are well known in the Australian Cycling community through their riding and contributions to the industry over the years. Both passionate riders, and both with a shared cancer experience that they have overcome, Salt to Snow is their way of giving back to the many incredible people that dedicate their lives to cancer treatment.
Together, their journey through cancer and it’s treatments will extend to taking on the long road from Lake Eyre in South Australia’s lowest point, across the deserts into the Great Dividing Range with their goal, Mt Kosciuszko at the top of Australia.
Why tackle this ride through the extremes of the Australian landscape?
To raise money and awareness to the two hospitals, Doctors and Nurses that Paul and Matt now owe their lives to. Salt2Snow is a journey for those that have been affected by cancer and their families. A journey not too dissimilar from the arduous journey that the many forms of cancer treatment take their participants through.

About Garvan Institute of Medical Research

Disease. At some point, we all have to face it. Sometimes the fight is quick and easy; sometimes it’s a lifelong struggle.  But no matter what fight we face - whether it’s in our bodies, in our loved ones, in our minds or in our hearts, we always hope for a healthier future.  

And at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research, we believe that future is within reach for everyone. In fact, we can see it. Through our world-class genomic research, we see a future where your DNA can be used to predict, diagnose and treat and ultimately prevent disease.  

Through collaboration across different fields of research, we see a future where countless devastating diseases are no longer a death sentence. Through our never-ending pursuit of new discoveries, we see a future where medicine is revolutionized by understanding your DNA and treatment is personalized to you. This is how we fight at Garvan. 

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