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About 1736 Jumping 4 FA

Hi, I'm Mia Kemp and I'm skydiving on the 8th of September to raise awareness of Friedreich Ataxia (also known as FA). FA is a rare inherited disease that affects mostly young children and teenagers, initially causing co-ordination, balance and speech problems. FA is progressive and there is currently no treatment or cure. My friend Leah Alstin has lived with FA since she was 17 and spreads awareness about FA and works hard to raise money for research to find a cure. Recently on FA awareness day, Leah went skydiving to show that just because she has FA, it doesn’t mean that she is can't do anything that all of us can do. This inspired me and I hope to be able to help. My goal is to raise $1736. 17 is the age Leah was diagnosed with FA and 36 is her current age. All of the money that I raise will be donated to FARA. FARA is the only funding body for FA research in Australia and needs our help. Finding a cure is a race against time for all people living with FA. Thank you for your generosity and support -- it means a lot to me. Together we can help FARA create the world we want to see.


Imagine being a kid or a teenager and being told you have a degenerative muscle disease which will lead to a loss of muscle co-ordination, fatigue, vision impairment, hearing loss, slurred speech and then a serious heart condition - this is Friedreich Ataxia. 1 in every 30,000 affected. 1 in 90 are carriers. 

The Friedreich Ataxia Research Association (fara) is a not for profit organisation that supports research into treatments and a cure for Friedreich Ataxia. fara does not receive State or Commonwealth Government support and relies largely on the family and friends of Friedreich Ataxia patients and generous businesses within Australia and New Zealand to fund its research programs.  

Money raised will help establish our first clinical gene therapy trials in Australia, which will help find new treatments and a cure for Friedreich Ataxia.
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