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Pancreatic Cancer Matters 

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About Pancreatic Cancer Matters


The EnGeneIC Cancer Research Foundation is committed to raising funds for research into novel therapies into diseases such as pancreatic cancer. We are dedicated to supporting patient recruitment to these innovative clinical trials as well as pre-clinical research projects performed by young scientists.

Pancreatic cancer matters - help our cause by hosting a purple-themed get together, morning tea, walk, run, swim, online party or other event to raise funds for this cause. This campaign, created by passionate pancreatic cancer awareness and research supporter, Megan Barnes (LinkedIn), shows that as a community working together, we will make real progress to change the lives of future pancreatic cancer suffers. 

Megan's late father, pictured above, and his 120 day battle with pancreatic cancer is the source of her inspiration to spread awareness about this disease. Here is his final message for his loved ones. Be a part of Megan's Pancreatic Cancer Matters community.

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About EnGeneIC Cancer Research Foundation

The Foundation that dedicates all funds to young scientists performing translational research and patient recruitment to ground-breaking innovative clinical trials.

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