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Dymocks Children's Charities Xmas Appeal 2019

Dymocks Children's Charities Xmas Appeal 2019  

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About Dymocks Children's Charities Xmas Appeal 2019

Can you help a child write a better story?

Every child deserves the chance to write their own story, yet even today too many kids leave school unable to read and write well.  Getting good books into kids’ hands and encouraging reading is an essential first step towards improving literacy outcomes. We provide brand new books of choice to kids around Australia and work with teachers, carers and community centres to help provide an environment where the benefits of reading are clear and there are the tools available to ensure more kids can read.

Your donation today will help a child write a better story.

We run 3 programs:

1. Library Regeneration Program – supports primary school libraries & youth support centres in priority locations. This program restocks libraries with brand new books of choice. This is usually where there is insufficient funding for books or following natural disasters.

2. Duck Libraries - mini libraries for pre-school aged children at priority community centres including kindergartens, hospitals and refugee centres. This program ensures children are given vital early exposure to books and reading at a critical stage of development.

3. Book Bank – provides students in years 3-6 a book of their choice, every term, every year for at least three years, to keep and share with classmates. Students choose their books from a carefully curated list, which enables them to engage with their learning and cultivate a love of books.

We believe all Australian children should have the tools they need to thrive, regardless of their background. The benefits of reading from a young age are well documented yet too often books are not available. Our programs are designed with early intervention in mind – the earlier children are exposed to books and reading, the better their outcomes.

In the 2019 financial year we provided over 39,400 books to more than 44,400 children in 148 locations around Australia – can you help us help even more?

“…I have been an educator for over 20 years. I have specialised in reading instruction…I have never seen anything with such tremendous capacity to affect student attitude and motivation towards reading as what I have seen through the implementation of the Book Bank program” Principal, Gorokan Public School

^ Geoff Masters: 

About Dymocks Children's Charities

Dymocks Children’s Charities recognises that reading is an essential tool for life and has developed unique literacy support programs that encourage students to cultivate a love for books and read every day “just because they want to”. Quite simply it’s about getting great books into their hands!  

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