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Connecting our Community

Connecting our Community 

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About Connecting our Community

We are raising funds for a Soundfield System to be able to be accessed by community members.

Is it hard for you to hear at your local meeting?

We are excited to introduce a program to provide a Loan Soundfield System in Melbourne.  Your support in donating to make this program a reality is very much appreciated. 

We will be purchasing the Soundfield System and establishing a Loan Program for organisations to borrow it to enable their members and guests to hear clearly. 

So many people cannot hear sufficiently to engage in the activities and conversations taking place. 

Your support will enable everyone to hear and be involved. 

About Deafness Foundation

Deafness Foundation is about making a difference to the lives of people who are deaf and hard of hearing. 

We are focussed on minimising the incidence of Preventable Hearing Loss - including Childhood deafness, particularly Cytomegalovirus (or CMV) and Noise Induced Hearing Loss. 

We care about access and awareness and ensuring everyone has a right to diagnosis, treatment and prevention. 

We value knowledge, respect and communication. 

Enhancing awareness of issues for people who are deaf or hard of hearing is key to Deafness Foundation. 

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