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65 beards for Cystic Fibrosis

65 beards for Cystic Fibrosis 

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About 65 beards for Cystic Fibrosis

65 Beards for Cystic Fibrosis The Beard is Back, Although it has rarely left over the past few years, so I have decided it is time to put the razors away and grow my beard to raise much needed money to help out the Australian Cystic Fibrosis Research Trust. For myself, Tahnee and our family CF has been a big part of our lives for almost 28 years, we know that in our lifetime the chance of finding a cure is slim, but seeing the steps being taken to someday potentially find a cure is exciting for future families that may come across this hurdle. Since the last time we did this there has been significant Advancements in effective medical treatments of Cystic Fibrosis. This includes extensive research into the genotypes of CF for over 2000 known genes. We have always known Mums gene was d508 (the most common) but these developments helped discover our Dads CF gene, that up until this point has remained unknown, and that we have since found is very rare. CF is known as the most common Life threatening genetic disorder. In Australia every 4 days a baby is born with CF. and more than 1 million Australians are carriers of the disease. At present the life expectance of someone with CF is 37 but with the constantly improving clinical practices and research this will hopefully continue to increase over the years. Visit for more information. Thanks Lukas

Cystic Fibrosis Australia

Cystic Fibrosis (CF) primarily affects the lungs and digestive system because of a malfunction in the exocrine system, responsible for producing saliva, sweat, tears and mucus.

There is currently no cure. People with CF develop an abnormal amount of excessively thick and sticky mucus within the lungs, airways and the digestive system. The mucus causes impairment of the digestive functions of the pancreas and traps bacteria in the lungs resulting in recurrent infections which lead to irreversible damage. Lung failure is the major cause of death for someone with CF.

We advocate on behalf of our members to gain better access to services, obtain information or resources. On a larger scale we have been involved in several national campaigns to increase the rights of all people with cystic fibrosis.


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