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About Tax Appeal

“If you want to stay with the current situation, where many children have incurable brain tumours or where survivors have serious life-long side effects, then don’t do research.” - Dr. Nick Gottardo 

Nick is a 2017 Cure Cancer Australia grant recipient and he’s doing incredible work. Nick, 46, is a researcher at WA’s Telethon Kids Institute, one of the largest and most successful medical research institutes in Australia with a team of more than 500 staff and students. 

As a grant recipient, Nick is one of 17 early-career cancer researchers Cure Cancer Australia is supporting this year. Many of our researchers, like Nick, have made discoveries and had breakthroughs that are saving lives in Australia and globally. 

Specifically, Nick’s lab focuses on the most common childhood brain cancer - medulloblastoma. Though the survival rate for this variant is now around 70%, the current therapy has significant, life-long toxic consequences.

“It’s not just about survival. It’s about quality of life after survival, and leading a happy productive life with dignity. All too often, unfortunately our treatments can be quite damaging, particularly if we have to use radiotherapy.” – Dr. Nick Gottardo

I hope you’ll join me today in funding cancer research and not your tax bill, by making a tax deductible donation to support research like Nick’s.

While it’s true that incredible progress has been made, we need to continue to fund innovation through early-career researchers, to ensure this is the last generation to die from cancer.  

You’re making an incredible difference. Thank you for continued support and generous donation. 

About Cure Cancer Australia

For 50 years, Cure Cancer Australia has funded Australia's brightest early-career researchers across ALL cancer types and ALL areas of cancer research including rare cancers. We identify, assess and fund the research that we believe has the best possible chance of finding a cure. 

The funding landscape for early-career researchers is extremely competitive. Cure Cancer Australia provides the vital seed funding that our research innovators of tomorrow need. Without investment in their potentially life-saving research, there won't be a future pipeline for Australian cancer research.

To date, Cure Cancer Australia has funded 316 scientists, 483 research grants and invested over $27.5 million. Many of our alumni are amongst the leaders in cancer research both in Australia and around the world.

Help us to make this the last generation to die from cancer. We won't cure cancer without research and we cannot cure cancer without you.

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