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Support Puuya Foundation’s Kuunchi Kakana Program

Support Puuya Foundation’s Kuunchi Kakana Program 

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About Support Puuya Foundation’s Kuunchi Kakana Program

Success will be achieved when a baby born in Lockhart River has as much opportunity to succeed in life as a child born elsewhere in Australia.

The Puuya Foundation is an award-winning organisation dedicated to delivering life-changing programs for the remote Aboriginal community of Lockhart River in Cape York, by fostering the emergence of “everyday leaders”, members of the community with the capacity, skills and vision to drive change - and sustain it.

A key initiative identified and driven by the community is the Kuunchi Kakana (families together) Centre, delivering the best possible start for babies and children through its early years learning, parenting, family and leadership programs.

The sudden, tragic loss of the Centre's Manager, an inspiring, dedicated local community leader, has compounded the ongoing challenge of finding, training and engaging committed staff from a tiny community, with a proportionately small number of qualified and available workers.

The Foundation needs urgent support to continue this life-changing program and developing our everyday leaders through to the end of 2018.

We need to recruit an experienced manager to perform the extensive range of tasks required of the Centre Manager role, potentially relocate them to Lockhart River, and provide the necessary training and mentoring to work successfully in the community. We also need to engage and train temporary early childhood and other workers while the recruitment and training process occurs to ensure Kuunchi Kakana continues to operate.

It also requires the Foundation to identify, train and develop local community members for ongoing roles - a core part of the Foundation’s mission to develop, empower and employ local people for local jobs.

We need to raise $60,000 to complete all these recruitment and training tasks and to ensure our ongoing operations until the end of 2018.

Please help us as we forge ahead, working with the community to help them develop their own bright future, and continuing to build the outstanding work begun by the founding Manager of our Centre.

About The Puuya Foundation

The Puuya Foundation believes that with tailored, strategic support, the people of Lockhart River will create a healthy, successful and sustainable future for their community, enriching lives in the process.
Its vision is for the people of Lockhart River to have a quality of life similar to, or better than, those of average communities throughout Australia.
This aspirational vision is long term, and will be life changing. It will deliver life-long opportunity, from birth through to old age for the people of Lockhart River. This life of opportunity will include educational success, employment, maintenance of cultural knowledge and pride, as well as a long and healthy life for themselves and for future generations.
The local community has been and will continue to be instrumental in determining and building this enhanced quality of life for themselves. Using the new skills and knowledge they gather along the way as part of the Puuya Approach, the everyday leaders of Lockhart River will improve the outlook for every member of the community.
The potential to succeed in achieving this vision fills the community with a great sense of pride. Significant progress has been made. There is still a long way to go.

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