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The Puuya Foundation

The Puuya Foundation believe that with tailored, strategic support, the people of Lockhart River will create a healthy, successful and sustainable future for their community, enriching lives in the process.

The Puuya Foundation’s vision is for the people of Lockhart River to have a quality of life similar to, or better than, those of average communities throughout Australia.

This aspirational vision is long term, and will be life changing. It will deliver life-long opportunity, from birth through to old age for the people of Lockhart River. This life of opportunity will include educational success, employment, cultural knowledge and pride, as well as a long and healthy life for themselves and for future generations.

The local community has and will continue to be instrumental in determining and building this enhanced quality of life for themselves. Using the new skills and knowledge they gather along the way as part of the Puuya Approach, the everyday leaders of Lockhart River will improve the outlook for every member of the community.

Ultimately, success will be achieved when a baby born in Lockhart River has as much opportunity to succeed in life as a child born elsewhere in Australia.

The potential to succeed in achieving this vision fills the community with a great sense of pride. Significant progress has been made. There is still a long way to go.

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