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Amanda's 2018/2018/2018

Amanda's 2018/2018/2018 

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About Amanda's 2018/2018/2018

Hey! I need to get my body moving, but I need motivation and inspiration. My plan is to move 2018km in 2018 - walking, running, cycling, elliptical, swimming, bloody pogo sticking! Whatever I need to do to get my energy levels back and the O2 pumping through my system. I'm also not very good at doing things like this for myself. I'm better at a challenge if someone else benefits. So I'm planning on raising $500/month for all of 2018. Won't you help me?! All money raised will go to providing fresh running water to villages, private toilets for girls in schools and so much more that will really change young women's' lives. Please throw me some dollars and help keep me on track!

CARE Australia

CARE Australia is a leading international aid organisation that works around the globe to save lives and defeat poverty. We know we cannot overcome poverty until all people have equal rights and opportunities.

For those living in extreme poverty, we provide education and training, healthcare and clean water, nutritious food, and new ways to earn an income. And in times of crisis, we deliver emergency relief. 

For enquiries, please contact us: or call 1800 020 046.

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