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Help fund a NEW Resuscitaire for Cabrini Hospital

Help fund a NEW Resuscitaire for Cabrini Hospital 

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About Help fund a NEW Resuscitaire for Cabrini Hospital

The Gandel Wing, is an exciting project for Cabrini, Kane and the community.

Kane has decided to fundraise for a Resuscitaire at the Cabrini Hospital! The Resuscitaire is a radiant warmer designed to meet a wide range of needs in the labour and delivery area, from normal deliveries to emergency resuscitation situations. It can be used by clinicians as a basic warmer to prevent the loss of body heat in newborn infants and enabling delivery room staff to respond to infants requiring immediate intervention.

The Gandel Wings is a fantastic opportunity for us as builders and contractors to deliver a product of exceptional quality! Kane and our employees are excited to have the ability to fundraise for a cause that benefits the community. 

The Kane team is behind fundraising for this piece of life-saving maternity medical equipment. We ask that you generously donate to this initiative!

About Kane

Kane Construction regularly gets involved with community fundraising initiatives. Kane Construction is passionate about mobilising its workforce to raise funds for worthy causes.

Many of Kane Construction's employees have young children, as such, we understand the importance of good quality maternity healthcare.

Kane Construction is excited to be part of building a “state-of-the-art” maternity health care facility for Cabrini and raising funds to purchase high-quality healthcare equipment for the facility.

Please give generously and be part of the projects fundraising initiative!

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