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2017 Aboriginal Disability League Tag Knockout

2017 Aboriginal Disability League Tag Knockout 

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About 2017 Aboriginal Disability League Tag Knockout

Building Kinnections in partnership with the National Rugby League and the Koori Yarning Carers Group will be hosting the annual Disability League Tag Knockout.
19 & 20 October 2017, Caltex Park, Dubbo
The aim of the day is to promote inclusiveness, raise awareness of disability services available to the Aboriginal community and to celebrate the valuable work and contribution Aboriginal Carers make to society.
Last years Disability League Tag Day was a huge success with 42 registered teams, many travelling outlying communities, who were cheered on by a crowd of over 750 people.
After last year’s massive line-up, Building Kinnections was inundated with people wanting to be a part of the 2017 competition. The 2017 League Tag Knockout will be held over 2 days and promises to be jammed packed with culture and inclusive play.
We can't do it without you!
With your generous donations, we can not only hold another successful event, but also host the travelling teams and celebrate the occasion with dinner and a traditional Corroboree.
Building Kinnections is an unfunded organisation that relies on the generosity of the public to make the Building Kinnections Disability League Tag Day an ongoing annual event.
Your generosity is greatly appreciated. Please share this page amongst your networks, so we can make the 2017 Building Kinnections Disability League Tag Day a day of inspiration and pride.

About Building Kinnections

Building Kinnections is a group of Government and NGO employees working together to provide pathways to support for Aboriginal People with Disability in Western NSW District.

It is an unfunded group who rely heavily on support from services to provide vital community connections for Aboriginal people with disability.

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