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2017 Norths Fees

2017 Norths Fees 

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About 2017 Norths Fees

2017 Norths season fees (semester 2).

We have paid in advance, which means we receive a discounted rate of $87 per game, or a total of $1,131, which is an expected saving of approx. $350 for the team.  Paying in advance also means the finals games are free.  

There is a team registration fee of $99 which we have also paid.

Therefore the total cost for our team is $1,230.

Cost per player:

We have seven older players (Marcus, Thomas, Jett, Remy, Jordan, Tahi and Lee), and two “train on” players (Kody and Harrison).  The expectation for Kody and Harrison is that they will play in most games, and we will try and give them sufficient court time to be fair (and fun), but that they will not get the same amount of minutes as the older boys.    With that in mind, a proposal is to charge the seven older boys at full rate, and the two “train on” boys at half rate for the season. That would mean we would divide the total season fees by 8 (7 times full rate plus 2 time half rate).

That means there are a total of 8 player fees (7 x full and 2 x half).  

Therefore the fees for each player are $154 (and $77 for the "train on" players).

Payment options:

We have already paid so if you could please reimburse us that would be great.  

To pay, simply click the payment button above and enter the appropriate amount.  

Alternatively, if it is helpful for parents to manage cash flow, then you can just pay cash of approx. $10 per game each week. Please let Andrew or Melinda know if you want to do this.

Please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions.


PS.  Uniform fees:  While we were able to borrow a number of uniforms, we didn’t have enough uniforms for all players. To make it easy and keep costs down across the team, Janene volunteered to purchase uniforms for Remy and Kody, and we did the same for Thomas and Harrison. The uniforms, including shipping, were $77.50 each.  So the total costs for the Warrington and Graetz families, including uniforms, is $386 each.

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