Blackmores Sydney Running Festival 2018
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My Story

As you might already know, I love long distance running and have been training over the last few years. I did join the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival last year which was my very first half marathon. It is not easy running 21 km and takes a long time to train :) This year I decided to carry on with the tradition but wanted to help raise awareness for a charity as well. The charity I have chosen is the Sydney Children's Hospitals Foundation who are doing amazing work for kids. Before you think this is a spiel for you to donate money to "another cause", I assure that it is not. It is a call to remember how fortunate we all are and to do a little towards those who need aid and assistance, in the midst of all the things that consume us. There are many ways to do our part, you can donate to a charity of your choice, volunteer at an organisation or embark on a meaningful outreach activity. However, if you are keen to support the cause I have chosen, please make a donation (That is my plug after all!!! 😀) If you do decide to donate, please hold on to the receipt as all donations above $2 are claimable from the ATO as tax returns Children are the world's future. Let us commit to ensuring the wellbeing of our future generation! You can also support me by encouraging others to get involved, too. Please email the link to my page to your friends and family, or share it on social media! Thank you for your kind generosity and support! Together we can help Sydney Children's Hospitals Foundation create the world we want to see. Much Love, G

About my cause: Sydney Children's Hospitals Foundation

Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation is a charitable organisation that exists to fund groundbreaking research and everyday clinical care at Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick.

Our vision is to ensure that every child now and in the future can access world-class medical care whenever they need it.

The Foundation funds the vital clinical care that these children need now, so they have the best possible treatment and Hospital experience. We also invest in research that will change and save more lives in the future. By discovering better ways to diagnose, treat or prevent childhood disease and injuries, we also help generations of children to come.

Our success is only possible because of the ongoing generous support of the community, our partners, Hospital staff, patients and their families. We will always depend on the goodwill of the community to achieve our purpose.

Our goals

- Research for tomorrow
- Clinical care for today
- Fundraising to make a difference
- People who make it happen
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About Blackmores Sydney Running Festival 2018

The 2018 Blackmores Sydney Running Festival is an iconic event with a spectacular course that includes a run over the Sydney Harbour Bridge and a finish at the Opera House. The festival will be held on September 16, 2018 and features a marathon, half marathon, bridge run and a family fun run - so there is something for everyone. 35,000 runners are expected to participate in 2018.

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