Blackmores Sydney Running Festival 2018
Blackmores Sydney Running Festival 2018

Prostate & Breast Cancer Foundation 

Participating in The Blackmores Sydney Running Festival 2018 on Sunday 16th September 2018
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About Prostate & Breast Cancer Foundation

The Prostate & Breast Cancer Foundation's 'CanCare' program aims to improve the quality of life for patients with any type of cancer.

To improve the quality of life for cancer patients, with priority to those isolated (socially or geographically, such as rural or remote communities), or economically disadvantaged.

Our work includes:
CanCare Navigation – our Community Navigators provide one-to-one support to cancer patients, helping
- Completing paperwork for a patient with advanced bowel cancer facing homelessness;
- Reconnecting a patient with advanced cancer to their only remaining (interstate) family member. Now reconnected, they have more practical and emotional support;   
- Assisting an elderly breast-cancer patient get to the hospital radiotherapy clinic, with a relaxing chat in a coffee shop before treatment;  
- Arranging cleaning of home for a patient who was unable to get out of bed after chemotherapy treatment.  

Research - at St George Clinical School, research on targeted treatments and bio-markers means earlier detection and more effective slowing or stopping of cancer growth, and less side effects with a better quality of life. 

“Sometimes just having someone sitting beside them listening makes a huge impact in helping them get through such a difficult time” 
Gloria, Community Navigator 
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About Blackmores Sydney Running Festival 2018

The 2018 Blackmores Sydney Running Festival is an iconic event with a spectacular course that includes a run over the Sydney Harbour Bridge and a finish at the Opera House. The festival will be held on September 16, 2018 and features a marathon, half marathon, bridge run and a family fun run - so there is something for everyone. 35,000 runners are expected to participate in 2018.

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