Blackmores Sydney Running Festival 2018
I am running to Beat Cancer!

I am running to Beat Cancer! 

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My Story

In February this year, my eldest daughter was diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer which had spread to other organs. The journey that she and her immediate family and friends have been on since that diagnosis has been a veritable roller coaster of emotion. There have been highs and there have been lows. There have been disappointments and there have been pleasant surprises. The one over-riding element of all of this is the resilience that is being displayed and the determinedness to beat this disease. My daughter's fight, and the fight that thousands of people in Australia face on a daily basis with diseases like cancer, is going to be a tough one, and one that will not be over quickly. What I am very confident of is that no stone will be unturned in her tenacious bid to rid herself of this hideous disease. I am taking part in Blackmores Sydney Running Festival Half Marathon 2018 to raise much needed funds for the Cancer Council of NSW. Their work is really important and I want to do what I can to help. But, there is only so much that I can do on my own. You can help too, by donating to my page. Any amount you can give makes a difference! You can also support me by encouraging others to get involved, too. Please email the link to my page to your friends and family, or share it on social media. Thank you for your generosity and support -- it means a lot to me and a lot to many others facing the same challenge. Together we can help Cancer Council NSW create the world we want to see. This is the second of many events that I am doing to help raise awareness and find for a cure for the cancer my daughter has as well as the other forms that affect thousands of people every single day. This is my small part and like the saying goes “it takes a village”. I am so proud to be part of this “village”

About my cause: Cancer Council NSW

Our Mission

We are Australia’s leading cancer charity, uniting the community, providing support, investing in research and saving lives.

Every year in NSW alone, more than 48,000 new cases of cancer are expected to be diagnosed, and the impact on families, carers and communities is significant.

Together with our volunteers, supporters, stakeholders and staff, we are committed to reducing the impact of cancer on individuals and the community, and to lessening the burden for people affected by cancer.

We are the only organisation that works across every area of every cancer:

- conducting and funding world-class research that underpins our work across the cancer journey
- preventing cancer
- supporting people as they navigate the cancer journey
- advocating to ensure that governments take action on cancer.

We are there not only for those touched by cancer today, but to prevent and manage cancer for future generations.

We are a member of Cancer Council Australia, together with Cancer Councils from every state and territory across Australia. Cancer Council NSW is an independent charity and is 95% community funded. Our unique combination of local program delivery, community engagement and national influence enables everyone who cares about cancer to make the biggest possible difference.

About Blackmores Sydney Running Festival 2018

The 2018 Blackmores Sydney Running Festival is an iconic event with a spectacular course that includes a run over the Sydney Harbour Bridge and a finish at the Opera House. The festival will be held on September 16, 2018 and features a marathon, half marathon, bridge run and a family fun run - so there is something for everyone. 35,000 runners are expected to participate in 2018.

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