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About Start100 Donor Circle

The Big Brothers Big Sisters Start100 Donor Circle aims to bring together 100 like-minded donor individuals to support 100 vulnerable young people across Australia.
By joining the Start100 Donors Circle, you believe in the power of mentoring and will join other like-minded individuals to collectively make a BIG IMPACT!  
Each Start100 member commits to donating $1,500 per year (or $125 per month), enough to match one young person who needs support with a mentor for 12-months.  100 donors x $1500 (direct mentor cost) = $150,000
Your contribution, will help young people beat the odds, give them higher aspirations, improve their confidence, create better relationships, avoid risky behaviours and achieve educational success!
The ultimate goal of the Start100 Donor Circle is for committed, caring community members to come together, pool our resources and match as many vulnerable young people as possible with positive adult mentors - each and every year. 

About Big Brothers Big Sisters of Australia

Big Brothers Big Sisters Australia understands that every young person has a unique set of social and emotional needs. For many young people, these needs are often left unaddressed, hindering their ability to realise their full potential. We want to change this.

Our long-term, intensive, one-to-one mentoring programs are designed to respond to the individual needs of young people between 7 and 17 years, particularly those considered to be socially and emotionally isolated. By matching young people with positive adult role models, our mentoring programs provide a safe and supportive space for our next generation to foster a sense of belonging and self-worth. The strong connections built over a long term mentoring match enable young people to increase their sense of belonging, self worth and resilience. Volunteer mentors, or ‘Bigs’ work alongside their mentee, or ‘Little’, to equip them with the confidence and skills to engage meaningfully with their peers, family and the wider community. With greater self-belief, young people have the opportunity to unlock their potential, creating more fulfilled and connected communities.   

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