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Asylum Seekers Centre

What we do

The Asylum Seekers Centre (ASC) provides practical and personal support for people seeking asylum living in the community. Our services include casework, accommodation, financial relief, health care and counselling, employment assistance, education, advocacy, food and recreational activities.

The Asylum Seekers Centre supports people who have applied for protection here in Australia and are awaiting an outcome. This can take months to years. The uncertainty and waiting can be stressful - even agonising. Many people have fled situations of great danger and constantly live with the uneasiness that one day they may have to go back if their application is not successful.

ASC exists to support people through their application process and to help individuals and families settle into the community while they wait. We help people to navigate their new surroundings and connect them with important networks so they can have access to accommodation, healthcare, employment, food and social networks.

Connecting people with the community goes a long way to help reduce feelings of isolation, loneliness and stress. It is incredible how resilient and courageous people can be in adapting to a new life and going through the process of securing a safe life for their families and themselves.

Our vision

Australia opens its heart to people seeking asylum. Recognising our shared humanity with those seeking safety in Australia, we extend our welcome, respect and support. We are a stronger and more vibrant country as a result.

Our purpose
* To provide support and services for people seeking asylum to enable them to become independent and valued members of the community.
* To advocate for a supportive policy and service framework that recognises the rights and needs of people seeking asylum in Australia – regardless of how they arrive.
* To create a welcoming and supportive community – involving people from all walks of life in our work while building understanding of asylum issues and support for people seeking asylum.

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