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Amputee Association of New South Wales

The Amputee Association of NSW is run by Amputees for Amputees. 

As a community Amputees NSW is committed to the support of amputees, their families and the community shared through this life altering outcome. 

Amputees NSW is a 100% volunteer, Not-For-Profit organisation building awareness and breaking down the barriers of understanding and perception for those with amputation and limb difference in NSW.
Amputation to this day still remains largely a social discussion taboo. As a medical procedure Amputation was used to save a life from trauma, cancer, infection and disease. But as an outcome in a life, amputation is a dramatic and devastating shift that often leaves not just the amputee but also those around them lost and distressed.  

Amputation doesn't discriminate and for the thousands of amputees in NSW alone it means everyday life is filled with both physical and psychological obstacles.

Amputees NSW is there to not only raise awareness of the challenges for the individual after limb loss but also to create community and provide support through peer networking, programs and education. As a community of inclusion Amputees NSW builds opportunities and provides information to give amputees and their families to find answers, services and access to people with experience in this space.

The Amputee Association of NSW works in partnership with health services, educators, businesses, government, media and other community organisations and to champion the needs of amputees and develop frameworks which support and encourage.

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