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Supporting Families in Regional Victoria

Supporting Families in Regional Victoria 

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About Supporting Families in Regional Victoria

This Christmas help the autism community in regional Victoria be a little less alone and isolated

Being the parent or carer of an autistic child or any child is both rewarding and challenging. However, if you live in regional Victoria like Matthew, Hayden and Maureen it’s a much bigger challenge.

Matthew’s Story
Matthew is 5 years old and loves boats. As Matthew was growing up his parents, Maureen and Hayden sensed something was different about him. A search on the internet and online forums made them suspect he was on the autism spectrum but they needed a diagnosis. But Matthew, Maureen and Hayden live in Swan Hill.

A Two Year Wait
Rather than waiting a few months to get a diagnosis from their local paediatrician, they had to wait 2 agonising years! Two years that Maureen and Hayden were alone and isolated, unable to connect with other families or access helpful information because these support networks are simply not available close to home.

You can help bring Amaze’s unique brand of credible advice and emotional support directly to the autism community living in regional Victoria through a new initiative the Amaze Roadshow.

The Amaze Roadshow
Each Roadshow will run intensively over 2 days and be presented by Amaze staff, autism experts, professionals and autistic speakers and cover the following topics:
• Early Days
• Transition into school
• Understanding NDIS
• Training for professional speakers

Each Roadshow will cost over $11,000 to set up. Your donation will enable us to help people like Matthew, Hayden and Maureen living in rural and regional Victoria who are without the support networks we take for granted.

Thank you

About Amaze

Amaze aims to create an inclusive society that offers every autistic person the opportunity to meaningfully participate and contribute. We do this by raising awareness and influencing positive change among educators, the government and the wider community. Formed in 1967 by a group of parents struggling to find resources to support their child; Amaze has grown to become the Peak body for autism in Victoria annually providing emotional support, credible information and practical tools to over 13,000 families and individuals on their autism journey from pre-diagnosis and beyond. Thank you for supporting autistic individuals and their families.
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