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About Supporting Families

In 2017 4,670 families turned to Amaze for help in their time of need

Joseph's Story

Joseph is a friendly 9 year old boy on the autism spectrum who always tried his best. But school was often overwhelming for Joseph, resulting in all-too-frequent meltdowns.

Worse was his classmates’ merciless bullying, turning his emotional outbursts into a cruel game – a ‘game’ with serious consequences. Joseph became withdrawn and sad. His results worsened. He no longer wanted to go to school. Eventually he couldn’t – he was excluded.

Emily, Joseph’s mother, called Amaze in distress, feeling she had nowhere to turn. Janet, one of Amaze’s Autism Information Advisors, was the first person that Emily felt really listened to her and could help.

Janet helped Emily understand her son’s rights and what to ask for. Empowered and armed with the advice she needed Emily met with the school. They formulated a behaviour support plan, tailored to Joseph’s needs, with proactive support strategies to help him manage his outbursts. The school addressed the bullying and provided a quiet, safe space for Joseph when he needed a break.

With this plan in place, assistance from therapists and hard work from Joseph, he’s now in a much better place. He again looks forward to attending school, learned valuable techniques to manage his meltdowns and his results are improving. Emily and her husband Mark now meet regularly with Joseph’s teachers to review his academic and personal progress.

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About Amaze

Amaze aims to create an inclusive society that offers every autistic person the opportunity to meaningfully participate and contribute. We do this by raising awareness and influencing positive change among educators, the government and the wider community. Formed in 1967 by a group of parents struggling to find resources to support their child; Amaze has grown to become the Peak body for autism in Victoria annually providing emotional support, credible information and practical tools to over 13,000 families and individuals on their autism journey from pre-diagnosis and beyond. Thank you for supporting autistic individuals and their families.
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