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About Rocket Fuel Appeal

Aim for the Stars needs your help to urgently raise $150,000 by 30 June.

Your generosity is the rocket fuel to success for some of the most disadvantaged, challenged yet dedicated women and girls in Australia.

Without your help, a woman like Cassidy Richardson will never reach her full potential.  Cassidy is 19 and is studying dance full time.  She has Tourette's Syndrome and moved to Melbourne to study, living with family friends, sleeping on the lounge room floor.  Cassidy is thriving and is an exceptional dancer, but she won't be able to continue without ongoing support.  Cassidy is a star.  Let's be her launch pad.

It costs $5,000 to fund a scholarship and every little bit counts.  Your tax deductible donation of $2 or more will give much-needed support to the rock stars of tomorrow.

Like Jade Esler from Canberra. She set her sights on being a pilot despite having no way of funding her education. When Jade was too young to get a job, she registered a business instead and baked cupcakes to pay for flight training. At 15, when she was still too young to drive, she became the youngest female to fly solo. Jade has a long way to go to reach her goal as a qualified pilot. She needs our help to fund flight training and can’t get there on cupcakes alone. Let’s be Jade’s aviation fuel.

This year, 31 scholarships were awarded to girls like Cassidy.  Thousands or applications were received but only 31 could be awarded. Funding is the only thing standing between us and the audacious goal of funding 100 scholarships every year.  We can't do this without you.  

Please make a donation before 30 June to put women like Cassidy and many other stars on the launch pad to greatness.

About Aim For The Stars

Aim for the Stars mission is to cultivate courage and foster self-belief of women and girls through mentoring and financial assistance.

What we do: 

Empower women to INVEST in their future 
Create LEADERS that inspire and give back
Act as a strong VOICE for women in leadership

In 2017 we received around a thousand applications and were able to grant 31 scholarships. Our dream is to be awarding 100 scholarships a year by 2020.

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