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Freddie's Journey

Freddie's Journey 

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About Freddie's Journey

"You walk this journey alone. Until you find AEIOU". This is how Katie felt when she was told her littlest one Freddie was diagnosed with autism. But, quickly they found AEIOU, and were no longer alone on this often difficult journey. Each year 1 in 100 Australians will receive an autism diagnosis. But AEIOU offers hope! The AEIOU program is one of the most affordable and effective in Australia today. All funds raised will be used to deliver this life-changing program to children with autism and their families. Thank you for continuing to help us deliver HOPE.

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About AEIOU Foundation

One in 100 Australians are diagnosed with autism each and every year. For every 5 diagnoses, 4 will be boys. Autism has life-long impacts and there is no identifiable cause and no known cure.

For over 13 years, AEIOU Foundation has provided one of Australia’s most effective and affordable early intervention programs for children with autism aged two to six years. The AEIOU program has a significant impact on a child’s development, enabling greater opportunities for education and independent living and giving all individuals the best change to reach their full potential.

At AEIOU, we believe every child with autism should have the right to early intervention but, to achieve this, we need your help. Your support helps us to continue to grow our high quality, transformational program. Without your support, many children may miss out.

Together, we can create a lifetime of opportunities.

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