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Why I am supporting Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF)

My Story

Hi friends and family. I have always wanted to run a marathon and set myself the challenge of running one before I turn 40 in August. As this is a huge step for me I decided that it would be more beneficial for me to run for a charity. In our family over the last 5 years we have had 2 very close family members be diagnosed with cancer. One is luckily in remission but recently our other family member has been diagnosed again. Hearing this news again has taken its toll on our family especially when there is very little you can do except giving support as much as you can. So the last few months and the next 2 months of my life is going to be dedicated to training t to run not one marathon but two marathons. One being June (17th) and the other in August (26th). As I now live in Australia I am going to complete these Marathons for my charity of choice. The Australia Cancer Research Foundation. (ACRF) I would be forever in your debt if you could take the time and spare whatever change you may have and sponsor me via the link. It really would mean the world to me knowing that this money can at least go some way into ending this terrible disease. If I could ask you to sponsor me per Marathon i.e $5 for June and $5 for August. Just incase I have to pull out the 2nd one due to Injuries (As i'm not getting any younger.). However training up to now has been going very well, I just wish I was 10 years younger! Any money towards this charity will make every difference. Even if it’s just a dollar. I have started the ball rolling by donating the first $25. Thank you for your generosity and support -- it means a lot to me. Together we can help Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF) create the world we want to see.

About Run for Cancer Research

Run for Cancer Research

Marathons and fun runs are not only a great way to get fit, but they are an amazing opportunity for you to help fund life-saving cancer research.  Whether you’re competing as part of a team or individually, it’s as simple as registering for the event and asking your family, friends and colleagues to sponsor you.

With our team on hand to lend advice for both your training and fundraising, we're so excited to make your #teamACRF experience amazing.

Find more information on our website, email us at, or call us on 1300 884 988. 

About my cause: Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF)

At Australian Cancer Research Foundation we believe a world without cancer is possible. But we can't do this alone - we need the support of people like you. 

Guided by some of the brightest minds in cancer research we continuously look for new and improved ways to prevent, detect and treat cancer.

We back bold ideas – ideas that lead to breakthroughs and discoveries that help each individual diagnosed with this complex and disruptive disease.

Together we can Outsmart Cancer. 

If you have any questions, call our fundraising team on 1300 884 988 or email Thank you

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