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Why I am supporting Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF)

My Story

Hello, My teacher Nick Antoniades, my friend Ninglen and I, we are coming together this March to take Head Shave Challenge to support this important cause. Bidhya: Head shave challenge to raise funds is something I have thought for a long time, but it took me couple of years to have that courage and finally decide. I would like to take this challenge in loving memory of my grandfather, aunt and a friend of mine who passed away from cancer. Nick: My interest in this activity is to help raise funds so that a cure for cancer can occur in the near future. I have lost a few close friends from cancer so I’m motivated to do something positive to help. Each time I volunteer I have a greater sense of my life, and am grateful for what I have. Finally, I have learnt that by helping others, we ultimately are helping ourselves at the same time. Ninglen Shwebeth: I have been wanting to do this challenge for a couple years, but I could not find the time and the courage to do it on my own. Now I have finally decided to do “Head Shave Challenge” with Bidhya and Nick. We don’t usually know how precious something is until we lose them. Losing hair is one of the sufferings that a cancer patient faces in his/her life. I dream of having a cure for all kinds of cancers one day. Your generosity is much appreciated and let us create a world without cancer. They say little drops make the mighty ocean and we believe with little sacrifice of ours and generous help of yours we can beat cancer one day. Any amount you can give makes a difference! You can also support us by encouraging others to get involved, too. Please email the link to our page to your friends and family, or share it on social media. Thank you for your generosity and support -- it means a lot to us. Together we can help Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF) create the world we want to see.

About Cut or colour for ACRF

Together we can outsmart cancer - because of people like you

Cutting, colouring or shaving your head in support of Australian Cancer Research Foundation is a courageous way to rally support for ground-breaking research into all types of cancer.

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About my cause: Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF)

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