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2017 Mark Gunter Photographer of the Year Awards

2017 Mark Gunter Photographer of the Year Awards 

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About 2017 Mark Gunter Photographer of the Year Awards

This year marks 2 years since the cycling community felt the loss of Mark Gunter. He was not only one of Australia’s leading cycling photographers – of epic quality I might add – he was more importantly a great man. He was known for his kindness, his big eyes, his crazy hair, and his never ending smile.  

He was my husband, and he was a great father to Lucas, who was just 11 months old when Mark was diagnosed with oesophageal cancer, and only 15 months old when he died from brain cancer. Lucas is 3 now, and whilst it’s so hard to live on without Mark, he’s in our lives everyday – we talk about him, what he loved, what he would have thought and said. He’s gone – but never forgotten – and always in our hearts. 

Together with CyclingTips, the 2017 Mark Gunter Photographer of the Year Awards are raising money to help cure cancer and to support young cyclists worldwide. The inaugural photo competition was a great success and this year we’re expecting more phenomenal entries from all over the world. Find out how to enter the 2017 Mark Gunter Photographer of the Year Awards here.

Through the 2017 Mark Gunter Photographer of the Year Awards, we are raising vital funds for the Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF) to help the smart people find a cure for cancer. 

Since Mark died, we've experienced so much support from the cycling family. Here’s one way you can help make a difference today. Your donation is gratefully appreciated by cancer suffers and survivors everywhere (and all donations $2 and over are tax deductible!). 

Thank you for your generosity and support – it means a lot to Lucas & I. 
Leeanne Gatien, Mark’s wife 

PS – to see some of Mark’s amazing work go to 

About Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF)

Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF) believe that a world without cancer is possible. It is a bold statement but one that we are committed to.

We can’t do this without you. Every day our supporters help to accelerate what can be achieved by giving Australia’s best scientists the technology they need to outsmart through better detection, prevention and treatment.

We are passionate about innovation and impact and believe accelerating cancer research is vital. Thanks to our generous and committed supporters we award grants between $1-10M each year for major equipment and technology. We are the only charity in Australia that does this, many fund the person (the researcher) but no-one else provides the cutting-edge equipment they need.

Together we can outsmart cancers, and we won’t stop until we do.

If you have any questions, call our fundraising team on 1300 884 988 or email Thank you!

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