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4 Aussie War Vets Foundation

Our purpose is to provide the “wherewithal” to substantially contribute to the alleviation and mitigation of the injuries, illnesses and anxieties being suffered by Australian war veterans, and in so doing, provide to them a valuable pathway to a dramatically enhanced quality of life.

This will be achieved primarily in conjunction with their short to medium term accommodation in a rural environment which is relaxed and calming and where rehabilitation and guidance will have maximum long term benefits.

4 Aussie War Vets is a Charitable Foundation, being a not for profit, unlisted public company.

After extensive consultation with other organisations working for veterans and including health professionals, plus the study of relevant and credible research and other papers and reports, a gap in the rehabilitation process for suffering war veterans was identified.

With an emphasis on such things as early intervention, professional care, meaningful support, camaraderie, improving self esteem, affordability, rehabilitation, employment and quality of life, coupled with short or medium term accommodation in a relaxed rural environment, the concept of 4 Aussie War Vets Camps was born.

“Camp Courage”, the first of several camps Australia wide, is planned for opening in South East Queensland in 2017.

The end-result aim is a dramatically enhanced quality of life for those Australian war veterans who came to us with physical, mental health (including PTSD), emotional, financial, living conditions and/or family related issues, as a result of serving our great Nation.

We ask all sectors of the Australian Community, to help us to achieve this aim.

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